10 Cosmic Dangers Threatening Our Planet

We're under attack ... from the entire universe.

Nothing beckons mankind's insatiable appetite for knowledge like the infinite vastness of the cosmos. From telescopes neverendingly gazing at the stars, to satellites and probes flying through space, we've gone through every length at our disposal to find out more about the universe we inhabit. The search for answers continues ever onward, with great minds like Stephen Hawking and Alan Guth leading the charge. As wondrous and beautiful as our universe is, we've come to know that it's home to more than a few dangers that could pose a threat to our home planet, some of which have the potential to annihilate it in ways that are hard to fathom. Earth has already seen its fair share of devastation throughout its 4 and a half billion years of existence, and while its still present and brimming with life, one day something might come flying in our direction, that not even 5.9 sextillion tons of mass could withstand. It might be simply nature taking its course, a 1 in a billion chance, or even a series of chain events that could bring about a cataclysm. The only thing for certain is that even if we see it coming decades ahead, we would be powerless to defy the cosmic order of things.

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