10 Deadliest Bridges In The World

9. Hanging Bridge Of Ghasa, Nepal

Ghasa Bridge Nepal

Suspension bridges are fearsome enough without looking like they've been built to replicate the feeling of going down a water slide made of string. Enter the Hanging Bridge Of Ghasa in Nepal, a structure which sounds like it was plucked from the latest Tomb Raider video game.

The picture above shows the view someone would have when daring to cross this monstrosity. Here's the funny bit: this bridge was built to ease traffic congestion near the Nepalese town of Ghasa. Apparently, authorities believed scaring the pants off travellers was also part of the area's tourism plan, because this just doesn't look safe.

It's tough to find specifics on the height of the Hanging Bridge. That's likely because those crossing it are too busy wondering if the Nepalese council have a sick sense of humour. Honestly, look at the steepness of this bridge (made out of rope) and tell us you'd even think about stepping foot on the thing.

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