Death is the final journey; the last unanswered question (outside of “where’s the remote”); the final piece of the human puzzle. It’s inevitable. We all gotsta go, whether we’ve accepted that fact or not.

If you’re lucky, you’ll go out with a bang. For example, you might accidentally fall from a skyscraper but in your final moments turn to punch the floor as you land, like a superhero, just in case it totally works. It won’t – you’ll be sidewalk soup for sure – but hell, what a way to go.People around the world will remember you as “that guy who punched death in the face”.

But chances are, your death, my death, most people’s death’s will be pretty commonplace. Old age, illness, oncoming traffic. That’s cool, we can’t all die glorious deaths like the one above.

But some are hugely unfortunate. They die dumb ass deaths, sometimes through their own fault, sometimes through sheer bad luck. They die deaths that will forever make people chuckle as they read about ‘em online in dumb articles like this.

This is of course what I’m here to discuss. So, without further chatter from this future dead guy, let’s get right to 10 dumb ways to die.

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This article was first posted on November 20, 2012