10 Greatest Comedy Duos Of All Time

Sometimes, two is always better than one.


Throughout history, talented comics have performed for the entertainment of the masses, but there's something about a good comedy duo that truly ups the ante when it comes to making people laugh.

One comic is great, but when one comic can play off of another, the act only gets better and better. Think of Penn and Teller. While technically not comedians, they would probably be successful magicians on their own... but together, they are a brilliant act people come from all over the world to see. The same is true for comedy duos.

There have been hundreds of talented comedy duos over the years, but some tend to perform better than others. Whether they produced better sketches or films, there are a couple of guys and gals whose work together stands above the rest.

When it comes to choosing the 10 best comedy duos of all time, it's inevitible some will be left off the list. If your favorite isn't listed, shout out in the comments and let us know who your favorite comedy duo of all time is!


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