10 Lies Movies Tell You About Sex

Hollywood, meet condoms. Condoms, Hollywood.

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Looking for reality or guidance from movies is probably a bad idea. They're designed to be entertaining and it won't help us enjoy them more if we start demanding realism out of everything we see. After all, Bill Pullman is charming and everything, but we wouldn't necessarily want him as the actual president, you know?

But in an age when we're demanding more realism in some areas of cinema- we want our war to look like real war and our talking animals to look like real talking animals- we're still neglecting on screen sexuality.In fact, unless you're straight and uninterested in kink, it's rare for you to see anything that even vaguely resembles your sex life on screen. And even if you are straight? They're probably still not getting it right.

According to Hollywood, only attractive women are doing it (though oftenwith significantly less attractive men if Adam Sandler movies are anything to go by). Candles light magically when you're in the mood and everyone makes the perfect amount of eye contact at all times.

If that doesn't sound right to you, never fear- it's not you, it's them. Here are some more lies that Hollywood is telling you about sex.


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