10 Most Important Features Of Stephen King's Writing

Ever wondered why you love his work so much?


The work of Stephen King takes hold of its readers in a way that many writers struggle to compete with. He has a cult following of fans and his ability to produce the kind of writing that creates visceral reactions in different genres and situations ensures that he continues to find an ever-increasing readership.

The scope and range of his work (combined with his willingness to give away movie rights for his famous one dollar) ensures that film and television adaptations are produced on a regular basis, again bringing newcomers to his universe. This year's remake of IT was a huge success among audiences and critics alike and a younger generation of horror fans will surely now be seeking out the iconic source material. And in King's case, once a reader has found his work, they are certain to be hooked.

But have you ever thought about what the most importance features of his success might be? The man has been writing for a living since 1973 and is still going strong despite a life-threatening accident (the pain and frustration of which made him consider retirement) and his own gradually advancing age. He has written well over 50 novels and has sold 350 million copies of them.

There are several key ingredients that can be found in almost all of his fifty-plus stories...

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