10 Most Insanely Protected Homes On Earth

Keeping up with The Kardashians? Forget that when you can't get near them...

Buckingham Palace West Facade
Anubis3 [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

What does home mean to you?

A warm fire surrounded by friends and family perhaps, or a house full of cats and dogs that really makes your heart content. Maybe it's not even a home for people and instead one for something that might keep us alive. Whatever it is, it's very different to Kim Kardashian, Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Gates and the world's other assortment of rich, powerful people.

To those fine folks, home means security and keeping us prying plebs away from their territory. How they go about ensuring privacy is varied, but their homes are all some of the most insanely protected buildings on the planet and not the type anyone could just walk up to without supervision.

Gated communities that keep track of everyone inside (and out), front doorways synced up to your DNA, fortified houses painstakingly designed to fend off a zombie outbreak and even homes where inhabitants aren't allowed access to every part of the building.

They're all here, and we're not invited...

10. The Safe House


If there's ever a zombie outbreak, everyone will suddenly find themselves running to Robert Konieczny and KWK Promes. The Polish architects are thinking ahead on the off chance the world turns into Resident Evil, and they've built quite the fortress in London.

Known simply as "The Safe House", this zombie bunker looks like a luxury villa by day, but it can easily turn into a watertight central core that would prove impenetrable to the dribbling hoards that want to devour your flesh. Also, the place has a drawbridge that leads to the roof of another building.

There's a swimming pool inside that building, so you can even do the backstroke as zombies claw desperately at the fortified windows.

This one is a little different, if only because it's not isolated from the public. Safe House is just an ordinary place (yeah, right), and the high-tech security will only kick in if worst case scenarios like zombie outbreaks, natural disasters or meteor strikes happen.


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