10 Movie Stars Who Have Written Novels

Not every book written by a movie star is an autobiography. Thank god.

The shelves of book stores are full of movie stars. In fact, the autobiography sections are bursting with tearful actors retelling the stories of their terrible childhoods. For God's sake, we get it. You hated school so much that your only way of coping was pretending to be Cher in the movie Mask, from where your acting talent inevitably blossomed. Your mother had 18 kids so she sent you to live on your uncle's farm in Wyoming where you found a Shakespeare book in a haystack and never looked back. Enough already. Thankfully, some celebrities are fighting back. Far tucked away in the fiction stands lurk a bunch of novels written by actors better known for being on the other side of the camera. While some of these books had bad idea written all over them from the start, others are surprisingly good. So good, in fact, that they've topped bestseller charts and been turned into movies. Here, then, are ten novels written by movie stars that deserve your attention in one way or another. The good will have you running for your local book store while even the bad have the power to expose another, deeper and sometimes disturbing side to their celebrity writer...
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