10 Recent UFO Stories That Will Make You Believe

These stories are out of this world!


The universe is big. That might be a mighty understatement but when it's considered that the Earth is the only known planet to house any life when there are an estimated 100 billion galaxies, the 'bigness' of the universe sort of seems like a waste of space.

Our own Milky Way is host to over 300 billion stars. Surely there has to be some non-Earth life out there somewhere. It's comforting to know that experts tend to be hopeful of that scenario, too.  

Ellen Stofan, chief scientist at NASA, has recently estimated that life will be definitively found outside of our 3rd rock within 20 years. Stargazers will like her outlook on when humans will find extraterrestrial life but what about the opposite scenario? What if extraterrestrial life has already found us?

With the digital and communication age booming more and more around us, proof seems to be exponentially growing of visitors that are out of this world. Videos and images of strange lights are almost a daily occurrence while stories of encounters seem just as often. The topic of aliens and UFO's might have been a fringe discussion in generations past but evidence makes the subject more allowable today.

The following 10 stories are recent sightings and intriguing moments in the discussion of UFO's. Many are convincing enough to make even the ardent skeptic believe.

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