10 Science Myths You Probably Still Believe

If your science teacher told you tongue rolling is genetic, your science teacher is a filthy liar.

Milk Myth

Look, there's a lot of science out there, so perhaps it's understandable that not everybody can be 100% right all of the time, but there are certain myths and misconceptions out there that, despite being roundly and decisively debunked, adamantly refuse to die.

Most of us know that the internet is not to be trusted, but we generally trust our parents and teachers to give us the right information. Sadly, however, many of these myths are learnt at our mothers' knees or, even worse, in science textbooks. What's more, with the half life of knowledge, even those tidbits of information that were thought to be true when we first learnt them, could have since been disproven.

So what can you do? Other than hang the sense of it and resign yourself to living in ignorance and fear for the rest of your days, that is.

There's no easy way to sort the fact from the fiction, but sometimes even a little bit of interrogation into some of the most popular old wives' tales cause them to fall apart at the seams.

The best parts is that, because these myths are so widely circulated, the chances of you being able to gleefully correct someone once you learn the truth are pretty high.

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