10 Things You Didn't Know About Daniel Radcliffe

He designed a bed?

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe (or Dan as he prefers to be called) was born in West London, England and will be forever known as everybody's favourite wizard. Despite fears that he might forever end up being typecast as the Boy Who Lived, since the end of Harry Potter in 2011 he has gone on to maintain his leading role status thanks to films as diverse as The Woman In Black, Kill Your Darlings and Victor Frankenstein. As well as acting, Dan is also heavily involved in charity work and he even donated a signed Hogwarts t-shirt which he wore whilst filming Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone to help raise money for Rebuilding Sri-Lanka. He's a good egg, basically. Having been in the spotlight since the age of just 10, it's hard to believe that there is anything we don't know about him but there are secrets he has managed to keep from some of even the craziest of Potter fans...

10. Potty For Poetry

Not only is he a very successful actor, Radcliffe is also a published poet. In 2007 Jacob Gershon (Radcliffe's pen name) published several poems in Rubbish magazine...
"Beside these verdurous and wind-blown fronds, I lie with two long-legged, glistening blondes. The wisps of comb-over that I call hair, Are slowly bleaching in the sunlit air"

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