10 Tips You Need If You Are Planning On A Solo Trip To Walt Disney World

You don't need to be in a group to have a great time at Disney World.

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Unlike other destinations solo travellers blend in at Walt Disney World. You don't stick out sitting by the pool by yourself. Lots of people ride the coasters solo, so much so that they even have separate lines for it. Many groups end up splitting up so to go do their own thing, that many would assume you've gone off on your own.

The resort is equipped for adults. There's amazing bars, plentiful activities and exciting restaurants to try. The Cast Members are friendly and go out of their way to make you feel relaxed.

So if you really want to vacation at the House of Mouse and can't persuade your friends, don't worry we have a few tips that will make your solo trip extra special...

10. Consider Staying Onsite At A Moderate Or Deluxe

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If you're planning on spending most of your time at the parks take advantage of the perks for being onsite. Flying solo means you can skip on the car hire and make use of the free transportation.

The moderate and deluxe resorts are also the perfect hotels for solo travellers. Generally these hotels are more suited to adults with less intense theming and relaxing pools. Many of these hotels also have convention centres so you won't be the only solo traveller hanging around.

Some of the lounges and bars at the Deluxe hotels are impressive. Trader Sam's at the Polynesian Resort is a tiki themed bar with some interactive elements. It's a loud, energetic bar that will welcome you in and get you involved in the fun.

The Epcot resorts are perfect for solo travellers as they are within walking distance to two parks and the Boardwalk area is a nice area to hang out in.


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