11 Things You Must Do On Your 1st Walt Disney World Vacation

You don't want to miss breakfast with the big cheese.


So the flights are booked and the park tickets purchased... but what do you do when you finally get to the most magical place on Earth?

If you're visiting Walt Disney World for the very first time it can be a little overwhelming. The resort is a whopping 40 square miles and contains 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and over 19 different hotels destinations to stay at.

So if you're not sure where to begin when you are planning your family vacation here's a helping hand.

11. Get To The Magic Kingdom For Rope Drop


Rope Drop (aka the time the park opens) can be a magical way to start your day and we can't recommend enough getting to the park 30 minutes early. After all, the early bird catches the Welcome Show.

The small stage in front of Cinderella Castle hosts a small show where the citizens of Main Street, Mickey Mouse and all his friends greet you and officially open all the lands of the Magic Kingdom.

An early start at the parks can give you a head start on some of the crowds too. You can experience most of the Magic Kingdom and be heading back to your hotel just as others are arriving.


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