13 Best Creepypastas The Internet Has To Offer

Spaghetti meets Slenderman in some of the scariest stories on the web.


Whoever decided to give internet horror stories the name creepypastas really hit the nail on the head when it comes to tone. Disturbing, dark, and bordering on the ridiculous, forums have been populated with the most ludicrously terrifying figments of people’s imagination since the inception of the web. Or at least Reddit.

Collecting some of the most well known, original, and thought-provoking pieces of online literature labelled with the silliest name, there’s only one genre that covers everything from human-goat hybrids to possessed Zelda cartridges. With that in mind, here’re 13 stories guaranteed to make you leave your light on at night. Not that that will help you.

13. The Rake

Wildgame Innovations

Whilst most will be familiar with Slenderman as the pale humanoid that steals children in the night, the Rake is another internet phenomenon with horrible intentions. With written, pictorial, and even video ‘evidence’, it’s easy to get sucked into the modern myth of a creature that appears at the foot of your bed to terrorise you in the night.

Offering up warnings, death, and a fright so intense it can drive you to suicide, the Rake pops up all over internet folklore with pure nightmare material. He’s worth a little research, though knowing more about him might actually cause him to pay you a visit. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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