15 Absolutely Awful Fashion Trends From The 90s

Nostalgic nightmares.

The Nineties: What the F*** Was That All About? An eloquent summary from everyone's favourite caustic commentator, John Robb. In his eponymous must-read book, which perfectly sums up a decade remembered for Cool Britannia, grunge, girl power, the demise of the Soviet Union, the personal computer, wars spanning from the Middle East all the way to the Balkans and, erm, the Teletubbies. But the nineties were also famed for some very odd and, in a recurring theme throughout this feature, pointless fashion trends. Ones that made noughties naysayers look back and echo Mr Robb's sentiment. As with any hot lsice of nostalgia, there's going to be flashbacks-a-plenty across the next 14 pages - but think of it less as a walk down memory lane and more a terrifying cross between a shopping centre and a museum of primary colours. So, clear your head of Kurt Cobain in his humble green cardie, Elastica looking all-crack chic, the Gallagher's rocking their parkas, Kate Moss and pretty much the entire cast of Beverley Hills 90210, and exhume those fashion faux pas from your memory that have been buried for all those years. Beware, though, as the chances are you will come across some absolute clunkers on this list that you may well have thought you looked the cat's pyjamas in all those years ago.

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