15 Hilarious Live News Bloopers

Freudian slips, uncooperative members of the public and dodgy graphics make for some very funny broadcasts!

Boom Goes The Dynamite It's no big secret that news stations can be hectic, high-pressure places to work at. Therefore, it's remarkable that the vast majority of live broadcasts have a tendency to go rather consistently smoothly. Of course, the format means that not everything goes to plan all the time. Because broadcasts are typically live, even the smallest mistake is showcased for the world to see. When the teleprompter continues scrolling after a mumbled word or jumbled sentence, these mistakes can quickly spiral even further out of control - often with hilarious results. This list takes a look at some of the greatest live news bloopers ever. From accidental swear words to mischievous members of the public, each of these broadcasts did little to inform us, but a lot to make us laugh.

15. A Trip To Wembley

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w86EtnW2Vyk A Sky Sports News report takes an interesting turn, as a reporter finds himself in the middle of some (hopefully not) breaking news.
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