17 Disneyland Secrets They Don't Know Want You To Know‏

Walt Disney is controlling your mind. Through your nose.

The happiest place on Earth (TM), a welcome respite from your humdrum everyday life, the chance for thrill seekers to indulge their frankly terrifying impulse to put themselves directly in harm's way by hurtling around on a poorly-constructed set of hollow tracks - those are all things that going to a Disney amusement park entails, right? Songs, fun, frolics, people dressed as cartoon characters. All positive emotions. Nice things. It's like a holiday where you're surrounded by goofy outfits and instead of chilling out on a beach you stimulate your adrenal gland an unhealthy amount and stir up the contents of your stomach more than is natural. It's all just fun and games, right? Right? Well, mostly, but also we wouldn't have much of an article if it was just seventeen totally official and legit reasons that Disneyland is great, approved by Disney. Everybody already knows why their theme parks are great! That's why they got to them! What's much more interesting are the deep, dark, hidden secrets beneath the hallowed hallways and vomit-covered boulevards of Disney amusement parks across the globe. What's going on behind the scenes? How to they control how much fun and success you're going to have whilst careening around in carts and playing carnival games? Can we drive a boat? It's not all candy floss, throwing hoops around rings and paying for overpriced photos of yourself looking patently photogenic on log flumes. It's definitely partly that but, peel back the surface fluff just a tad, and you'll discover a whole mess of dark, strange and fun secrets that the House Of Mouse tend to keep on the down low. These are seventeen Disneyland secrets they don't want you to know about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdiGwBhvoaU

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