19 Things That All Younger Siblings Will Understand

Being told "I wouldn't let you sleep in my room if you were growing on my ass."

You are the annoying Kevin Mcallister of your family and no matter how many times you wish that your family would just disappear, they're always there. You never got the chance to have the house to yourself because you were always kicked out so that your older siblings could invite their love interests over, so you had to sit outside or play in the garden on your lonesome. You always felt like some kind of burden, probably because you were a 'surprise baby' and your existence was the biggest bane in your older sibling's life. You were always going to be disliked because if you're the youngest in the family, you're either the angel or the nuisance and neither of these options are going to make you Queen Bee. Whilst growing up was probably the worst time of your life, hopefully you'll look back at all of the bullying and pranks with fond memories as you realise that they were nothing other than signs of love...
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