20 Facts Every Harry Potter Super-Nerd Should Know

20. Voldemort€™s Boggart Is His Own Corpse

While Voldemort is largely presented as a nearly omnipotent wizard, his fatal flaw has always been in the spotlight, especially in the final volume when we see his desperate protectiveness over the Horcruxes that Harry was destroying throughout the course of the novel: that is, that he fears death above all things. Correspondingly, Rowling has since revealed that if Voldemort were to be presented by a Boggart, a creature that manifests itself as your very worst fear, it would be of his own corpse, which would represent his own mortality. It€™s hard here not to recall Molly Weasley€™s Boggart, shown in Order of the Phoenix, wherein Molly€™s worst fear is the death of her children and her loved ones €“ a stark contrast between the values of our heroes and the villain of the series.

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