20 Questions We've All Asked Ourselves (But Never Bothered To Find Out)

Just why do your farts smell worse in the bath!

Cast your minds back to the last time you took a bath, you're relaxing with the bubbles up to your neck and your rubber ducky swimming around you as you scrub along to your favourite Spice Girls song. But suddenly, and without warning a warm feeling moves under your body and ... whoops, bottom bubbles. But what you're most bothered about is that god awful smell! It couldn't possible have come from you, right? Although for some reason it's now making you reminiscing about your childhood. What's that? You don't fart, you say? Yeah right - cough - likely story. Okay, how about this then ... It's a beautiful sunny day and you're sitting in the park with your other half as they pick the grey hairs out of your scalp and you're trying to explain to them that it really was the onions that made you cry last night - you hate it when they do that to you. A bird flies by and makes you look up, but that's not what has taken your fancy, it's just dawned on you just how clear and blue the sky is, and you begin to wonder, 'actually, why is the sky blue?' Been there before, haven't you? Life is full of questions, most of which we've never actually bothered to find the answers to. We all do it, usually before we go to sleep at night, staring up at the ceiling, wondering, why is snot green? And why do men have nipples? Our minds are full of so many questions that will keep you up at night. Don't worry, friends, you can close your eyes and rest peacefully now because all of the answers to all our your questions are here. Wonder no more about why your belly button fluff is blue, or why boomerangs come back when we throw them, click next and prepared to have your minds blown. Oh, on second thought, you should probably open your eyes ... thanks.

Ian is a North Eastern lad who has written across a variety of mediums. An avid tea drinker with a custard cream addiction, Ian is the guardian of five foot tall inflatable penguin called Kevin.