5 Animated Short Films That Will Leave You Speechless

Ghibli and Disney don't own ALL your emotions.

The Box
Dušan Kastelic

The act of creating an animation is without doubt, a labour of love. From the original concepts and understanding how to present them, to the painstaking detail and emotion that goes into every frame, even the shortest of shorts become monoliths of their creators time and passion.

Massive studios such as Ghibli, Pixar and Disney have dominated the animated landscape for some time, but much like a tree with thousands of branches, there are many more venues to check out. Therefore it’s great to see events up and down the country and abroad which promote art and artist equally, offering chances to promote their work to the public and celebrate the beautiful, the horrific, the spectacular, and the offbeat creations they have made.

One such upcoming event is The Cardiff Animation Festival, a four day long smorgasbord of animated work from all over the world, accompanied by workshops, meet and greets, and question/answer sessions with some of the most successful minds in the business.

Yet, with nearly 100 shorts and discussions to attend, where should you start?

Well, even if you can’t make the event, these are some excellent art pieces that are well worth a watch (and are amongst those being shown).

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