5 Reasons You Must Stay At Universal Orlando Resort's Sapphire Falls

5. The Pool

Loews Sapphire Falls Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando

Sapphire Falls boasts the biggst pool of all the hotels on at Universal and it's quite a treat to spend time around.

It has plenty of seating areas so you won't get stuck for finding a place to sunbathe. There's some sandy areas around the sunbeds that help you feel like you are at the beach or even for the kids to make sandcastles in. You can hire a cabana if you want something more private and shaded.

Sapphire Falls Universal Orlando
What Culture

There's a fun slide at the back of the pool area which isn't something that you don't get at every hotel. For those looking to just chill out, Sapphire Falls also has a hot tub. "Dive in Movies" offers nightly screenings of family friendly movies allowing the kids to play in the pool whilst watching Despicable Me.

If you want to get a bite to eat there's the Drhum Club Kantina. Here they serve lots of food with a Caribbean flare as well as the usual burgers. The Kantina also sells drinks including margaritas and rum based cocktails. There's also an outdoor fire pit at the eatery too, perfect for staying out till dark sipping your mojito.


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