5 Things You Should Know About Nuclear Fallout

1. There Are All Kinds Of Ways To Die

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The good news is you won't need to worry about fallout if you're within three kilometres of ground zero. The bad news is you won't worry because you'll be dead. Depending on the bomb and its yield the biggest dangers you face will be the immediate release of a tremendous amount of heat and energy. The lesson is don't be close to where a nuclear bomb is going to go off.

The worst part is that a lot of the data we have uses a model where one nuclear device is used, most current nuclear strategy (at least what is known) says depending on where you live you could expect to see multiple mushroom clouds on the horizon.

In the long run, and remember you won't have to worry about the long run if you're close enough so lucky you, the amount of nitric oxides created by sudden heat and rapid cooling of a blast which in turn can diminish ozone levels increasing the amount of ultra violet radiation from reaching the earth, great! More radiation.

After several blasts with nuclear weapons the earth may also be subject to nuclear winter and nuclear famine - thus far these phenomena are unproven and theoretical but the science behind both are pretty sound; they remain theoretical because we've never had a chance to test the hypothesis. And hopefully we never will.

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