7 Awesome Animals Hunted To Extinction

Humans: Rocking up and ruining everything for the last 15,000 years.

Hey, here's some depressing news, there's a possibility that over 10,000 species are going extinct every year due to human activity. Awesome. It's not actually certain exactly how many species we're wiping out, as the likelihood is that we're killing 'em faster than we can discover 'em, what with the whole global warming/deforestation thing. Aside from all the ones that we're killing without ever discovering, there are also plenty of species out there that we drove off the face of the Earth after coming face to face with them. Many of these mass extinctions can be put down to the human tendency of getting in boats and rocking up to new, untouched lands with all of the subtlety and grace of a mule eating a footlong meatball sub. I know that the demise of any species is a terrible thing, but what makes matters worse is the fact that many of the ones we hunted and harried to their eternal doom, were total badasses.
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