9 Most Shocking Experiments In Human History

Who wouldn't want a human chimp hybrid?


The 20th century was so full of diabolical experiments it’s a wonder anyone survived.

Science is a great thing. It leads to brilliant advances in technology. It uncovers new truths about the nature of reality. It finds new medicines to cure the sick. But sometimes, just sometimes, it removes the arm of a man and stitches it back on the opposite side just to see if it’s possible.

Governments have been responsible for many atrocious acts. The worst side of a government can be seen in the experiments it conducts in secret. Over time these secrets come out and you look back at them and say, “Wow, people were really devious in the past.” The truth is people haven’t changed much over the centuries. There are high morals and low morals across the board. It makes you wonder what experiments are happening right now that are yet to be revealed.

There are some gruesome things covered in this article, so if you are of the squeamish type, read on with caution.


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