Harry Potter: 15 Most Powerful Wizards In The Wizarding World

"Those best suited to power are those who have never sought it."

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Though JK Rowling went to great efforts to establish that it was love rather than any hex or curse or charm that was the most powerful force in the Wizarding World she created, she also made sure to furnish her world with wizards of incredible skill and power. For the most part, great magical acts are limited in the books to battle situations, or within Hogwarts, as Rowling's world was as full of rules and regulations as it was free spirited wizards and witches. But those tend to be the easiest way to show off who is the most powerful anyway.

And therein lies an almost unexpressed fascination in the world of Harry Potter. Fans will talk endlessly about who the BEST character is, or whose death is the most heart-breaking (it's Dobby's, stop trying to debate the issue), but the issue of power obsession seems almost a taboo subject. It's terribly Slytherin, after all, to even be particularly bothered about how great your ability unless it's used for great acts or wholesome achievements.

Luckily though, there are some of us in Salazar's house who need to know how the Wizarding World's finest and most fearsome sorcerors stack up against one another. And looking at their various achievements in the books and movies, it's also very easy to rank them.

Here are the 15 most powerful wizards in the Wizarding World...

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