Ranking Every Thomas Harris Book From Worst To Best

Some novels you can really sink your teeth into... though, the flavors vary.

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When the topic of notable authors of the horror genre comes up, it would be downright criminal to not bring up Thomas Harris as one of the true stand-outs. After all, the man not only created some truly disturbed characters, but most notably, he brought the legendary Hannibal Lecter into the world of fiction. Since the character first appeared in 1981, he has gone on to be a central figure in five major motion pictures, as well as a hit television series, captivating fans of horror the world over along the way.

However, there's far more to Harris' writing than just the fabled cannibal. When it comes to disturbing, gritty horror novels, the man is all but peerless. In many ways, he's sort of the anti-Stephen King. Whereas King has published dozens upon dozens of novels in his time, which ranged anywhere from brilliant to abysmally forgettable, Harris has only published five novels, which, save for one black sheep, were all varying degrees of brilliant. He would go on to become one of the single most respected names in horror as a result.

Much like anything else, some of his books were better and in some cases, much better than others. It's time to take a look back at how each installment in Harris' iconic portfolio stack up against one another.


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