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Star Trek Catan


3-4 Players Ages 10+ Average Play Time = 75 Minutes Chances are you've heard of The Settlers Of Catan if you're into your table top games - for those who aren't too familiar, fundamentally the game is based on tasking players with earning resources and building settlements and roads, with the end-game being to earn ten points and victory. And now, the good news for Star Trek fans is that the game has been adapted to accommodate the famous sci-fi universe. There are a lot of similarities between Star Trek Catan and The Settlers Of Catan as might be expected: players are still charged with collecting resources and expanding their network of settlements (now called outposts), cities (starbases) and roads (starships) and the fundamental principles remains largely the same. The gameplay is almost identical, which will be a positive for board-game fans, and retaining the mechanics for new fans drawn to the Star Trek brand is no bad idea either, considering how well the game plays. In the current climate of micro-transaction led social games, Catan should find itself a new strong foundation of fans - both types of game are built on the same principles of building and trading resources (albeit dressed up in different ways) and both are hinged on the irresistible hook of capitalism. Veteran Settlers players will have no problem getting right into this version, although there are some notable changes that will require at least a little development of skills - such as the support cards - and though it is a complex game (and that can be daunting) there is enough printed material included in the box to make the learning curve an easier concern, and theirs a beginner setup rule to help the learning experience more. As with anything entertaining though, the demands are more than met by the gameplay experience, and the rewards for fans of strategy games are very impressive. It might not be the most accessible of games in your boardgame cupboard, but give it the time it deserves, and get a good group of players and it's a great play, even if it is a touch on the expensive side. It's well made (noticably better than the original actually) and the actual experience is playing (as long as you have the time to commit) makes it a stand-out. And of course, if you're s Star Trek completist, you've probably already bought it. Star Trek Catan is out now.

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