Top 10 Stephen King Stories

When I first started writing this feature it went through several title changes...

When I first started writing this feature it went through several title changes. To begin with it was €™The 10 Best Stephen King Novels€™, but as someone who really loves the horror genre I knew that I had to include €˜Danse Macabre€™ his horror anthology. Consequently in its second incarnation it became €˜The 10 Best Stephen King Books€™. Unfortunately that too had to go because I knew I couldn€™t leave out his shorter fiction. Personally I think that anyone who can squeeze down a story to fit 20 or so pages (or 180 in the case of Apt Pupil) and still make it terrifying and touching and brilliant is a genius. So there are 4 of them on the list. In my naiveté I thought it would be difficult to choose 10 stories and that I€™d end up with a few on the list that in my heart of hearts I wasn€™t that bothered about. I was wrong. It turns out that sticking to 10 is very hard and there are a fair few that I would liked to have put on the list that I had to leave out for the sake of not making it €˜The Best I-Stopped-Counting-After-180 Things that Stephen King has Written€™. Basically what I€™m trying to say is that Stephen King has written too much. Previously this wouldn€™t have been a complaint, I love his work, but it€™s just not conducive to a top 10 list (particularly because I haven€™t read all over-180 things which he€™s written although I€™m currently making a concerted effort). Therefore whilst I would tentatively call this a top 10 I would say that whilst it€™s my top 10, it might not be yours. So without further ado I give you €˜My Top 10 Favorites of the Stuff Written by Stephen King which I Have Read Although There is Other Stuff Which I Also Like Which I Didn€™t Include Due to Space Limitations€™. It€™s catchy. Or as my editor has called it "Top 10 Stephen King Stories"...
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