WhatCulture.com's 10 Most Read Articles Of 2017

What's so unappealing about talking about sex?

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We genuinely hoped 2017 would be marginally more tolerable than the one which preceded it, willfully ignoring the empirical evidence of life in general, which dictates that things gradually regress to not just the mean, but the nasty. At this point, the word 'optimism' is in danger of falling out of use, outside of eye clinics where it is employed as an amusing catch-all for their office jargon.

Britain began its messy divorce from the enlightened, multi-cultural world, whilst Donald Trump, unfortunately, lived up to everything he promised. And Nazism made a comeback! Who had that down for 2017?

Still, as ever, we did our best to distract you all from the horrors of reality, covering as we do all the hottest stuff in the world of popular culture. Boatloads of you flocked to our safe shores for the scoop on all the latest films, TV shows, games, wrestling events - and, oddly, little vinyl figurines.

These ten articles in particular captured your imagination. And only one of them featured nudey parts. When did they go out of fashion?

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Editorial Team

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