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22 Common Misconceptions You've Always Believed (Until Now)

Not everything your parents told you is true.
By Brandon Jacobs
+ TV

10 Incredible Facts You Didn't Know About Netflix

Billions of dollars and billions of hours - there is nothing out there today quite like Netflix.…
By Bevan Morgan

8 Mythical Creatures Recently Spotted In Real Life

Mermaids, pixies, dragons? The evidence is there if you look hard enough.
By Adam Clery

10 Rarest Funko POP Figures (And How Much They're Worth) 1M+ Views

Have you got any of these figures? You might be sitting on a small fortune...
By Sam Denton

NFL Week 1 Quiz User quiz

How well were you paying attention to last week's gridiron action?
By Scott Banner
+ Film

7 More Horror Films That Eerily Came True

The scariest monsters are the real ones.
By Ashleigh Millman
+ History

10 More Inventors Who Hated Their Own Creations

"You have created a monster, and it will destroy you!"
By Jonathan H. Kantor
+ History

10 Disturbing Crimes Solved By Amateurs

Who's in the f***ing bucket?!
By Callum Smith
+ Sci / Tech

13 Real Places That Look Like Straight Up Fantasy Worlds

Come with me, and we'll be in a world of pure imagination...
By Stevie Shephard
+ History

10 Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

Now Andy, did you hear about this one?
By Ben Counter
+ Travel

Halloween Horror Nights 2018: Houses Hype List Ranked!

How hyped are you for HHN28?
By Jen Gallie
+ Sci / Tech

11 Seriously Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

Stay woke, y'all.
By Stevie Shephard
+ History

9 People Who Abused Drugs In Nazi Germany

Next time you eat chocolate, check it doesn't contain meth.
By Zoe Cramoysan
+ Travel

10 Huge Walt Disney World 2019 Predictions

Is The Rock cooking up something for Magic Kingdom?
By Jen Gallie
+ Travel

Everything You Need To Know About Halloween Horror Nights 28 At Universal Orlando Resort

Get ready to face your fears.
By Jen Gallie
+ Sci / Tech

7 People Who Claimed To Be Time Travelers

Well, maybe.
By David Cambridge
+ Travel

25 Things You Must Do In Orlando

There's more to Orlando than theme parks.
By Jen Gallie
+ History

10 Worst Dictators In Power Today

Not all of history's dictators died out; many remain to terrorize their people & frighten the world.…
By Jonathan H. Kantor
+ Sci / Tech

8 Famous Paranormal Photographs Debunked

Messages from another world, or clever photoshop?
By Stevie Shephard

10 Ways To Save Money As A Student In America

Where losing at Beer Pong could pay for your textbooks.
By Eric Van Orman
+ Travel

Horrors Of Blumhouse Announced For Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Can you escape the First Purge?
By Jen Gallie

10 Unbelievable Stories About Area 51

The truth is in here. Sort of.
By Adam Clery

10 Mysterious Photos That Nobody Can Explain

Surely these are worth more than a thousand words?
By Mark Langshaw

15 Walt Disney World Snacks You Must Eat

The yummiest place on Earth.
By Jen Gallie
+ History + Sci / Tech

10 Top Secret Weapons You've Never Heard Of

The army's barmy babies: ten bizarre military projects, past, present, and future.
By Jack Morrell
+ History

10 Amazing Coincidences From History

How a sandwich started the First World War.
By Andrew Chapman

10 Famous Photographs That Fooled Everyone

Learn the full stories behind some of the world's most famous images.
By Tom Butler
+ Travel

Poltergeist Confirmed For Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

They're here...
By Jen Gallie
+ Sci / Tech

9 Deadly Fashion Trends That Actually Killed People

"Fashion victims" on a whole other level.
By Stevie Shephard

10 Weirdest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories You Won't Believe

Celebrities; they're just like us. Unless they're a mutant lizard sent to Earth to eat garbage.
By Jake Black