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10 Shocking Things You Can See On Google Maps 1M+ Views

Stop looking at your own house and find these.
By WhatCulture
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Everything You Need To Know About Walt Disney World's International Food And Wine Festival

Eat your way around the world.
By Jen Gallie

Joe Rogan: The Extreme 20-Question Quiz User quiz

This quiz will make your eyes bleed.
By Kate Peregrina

10 Greatest Comedy Duos Of All Time

Sometimes, two is always better than one.
By Jonathan H. Kantor
+ Comics

15 Best Couples Cosplays From MCM London Comic Con gallery

Our goal: To bother as many poor, unsuspecting couples as possible for your enjoyment.
By Lewis Evans

10 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2018 gallery

Be afraid... be very afraid.
By Laura Holmes

How Much Do You Really Know About Halloween? quiz

Enter at your own risk!
By Laura Holmes
+ Comics

15 Best Individual Cosplayers From MCM London Comic Con gallery

We went to London's MCM Comic Con and bothered strangers for pictures, so you didn't have to!
By Lewis Evans
+ History

10 Ancient Body Modification Practices

From breaking their bones to decorating their skin, ancient body modification could get extreme.…
By Jessica B. Esser
+ Travel

Quiz: Flags Of The World! quiz

A standard test.
By Benjamin Richardson
+ Film

10 Things You Didn't Know About Harry Potter's Scar

Come and find out what Harry Potter has in common with drunk tourists...
By Danny Meegan
+ Travel

7 Reasons You Must Visit Universal Orlando This Christmas Season

Even the Grinch won't be able to steal your Holiday cheer!
By Jen Gallie

The Office Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dwight Schrute? User quiz

Bears, Beets, Bodacious glasses.
By Kate Peregrina

17 Death Row Requests You Won't Believe Were Made 1M+ Views

Gluttonous feasts, abstract concepts, and inedible matter.
By Tom Butler
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First Teaser Of The New Harry Potter Coaster At Universal Orlando Resort

Pottermore reveals the first artwork of the new ride.
By Jen Gallie

Disney World Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Happiest Place On Earth quiz

The Most Magical Quiz On The Internet.
By Ben Deloughery
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Everything You Need To Know About Walt Disney World's Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

It's really not so scary.
By Jen Gallie

12 Terrifying Ghost Stories From Around The World

The Grudge was just the tip of the iceberg!
By Tom Baker

10 Bizarre Cases Of Mass Hysteria

From meowing nuns to an imagined monkey-man.
By Andrew Chapman
+ Travel

Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights: Every Scare Zone Reviewed

Fear lives in the streets at HHN28.
By Jen Gallie
+ Film

7 Harry Potter Fan Theories J.K. Rowling Debunked (And 3 She Approved)

The Creator of the Wizarding World responds to the best Potterverse theories...
By Danny Meegan
+ History

10 Richest People Of All Time

Mr. Megamoneybags literally as rich as Croesus. Literally including Croesus.
By Benjamin Richardson
+ Travel

Every Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights House 2018 - Reviewed

I faced my fears at HHN28 and you should too.
By Jen Gallie

Thumbs Up Roller Wheel Review

Outdoor roller fun for kids...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Facts You May Not Know About Dogs User gallery

Think you know everything about your best friends?
By Anton Nordin
+ Gaming

16 Gaming Celebrities You Need To Add On Xbox Live

Who wouldn't want to race Vin Diesel in his Fast and Furious Dodge Charger?
By Scott Tailford

10 Real-Life Horror Stories That Will Probably Ruin Your Day 1M+ Views

You will have nightmares... forever.
By Nina Cresswell
+ History

10 Incredible Things Mankind Has Managed To Lose

Extraordinary artefacts lost to accident, conflict, or good ol' human stupidity.
By Ben Counter
+ Sci / Tech

15 Craziest Things Ever Spotted In Google Street View

There's no hiding from Google's all-seeing eye...
By Robert Zak

22 Common Misconceptions You've Always Believed (Until Now)

Not everything your parents told you is true.
By Brandon Jacobs