10 Mind-Blowing Theories About Death

9. You Re-Enter The Cosmic Consciousness

One question that is important to look at is what is life, really? We know we are alive and we process everything through our mind using about 20 watts of power, which isn€™t even enough wattage to power most light bulbs. Yet, everything we experience through every sense is computed there. It€™s quite a remarkable feat in biology. But where does the consciousness come from and where does it go after death? With Sir Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff€™s theory called Orchestrated Objective Reduction, they believe that consciousness comes from finer scale quantum activities from inside brain cells. This means that some activity deep inside cells in our brain created our consciousness and those activities stem from, what they call €œThe Universe€™s Consciousness.€ As a result, everything in the whole universe is connected through that consciousness. So when you die, your consciousness just returns to the cosmic fiber. It€™s like the consciousness of the Universe is the ocean, and your life is a wave. It€™s on land for a short time, but eventually it rolls back into the water. So when you die, your mind just enters back into the Universe€™s consciousness where it could stay indefinitely or it could be rolled out again.
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