7 Times 'Modern Alternative Mama' Was So Stupid She Was Dangerous

5. The Day Her Kid Broke His Arm

Broken Arm In Cast
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What happens when parents who have no clue, take their hurt children to severely underqualified people masquerading as health care providers? You end up with a child who as a broken arm for 7 days before they receive proper medical attention.

In March 2014, Kate made a series of Facebook statuses alerting the world to the fact her young son “seems to have hurt his arm” and that “he will not crawl with it. He scoots around on his butt using the other arm. Hmmm”.

Is this cause for alarm? I would certainly take my child to get checked out as soon as I could. Although it is not included in the Facebook saga, Kate allegedly took the boy to the family doctor who, apparently, somehow missed it. You would have thought this would have led to at least a few comments on the failure of the medical system, but the first status made on March the 5th makes no mention. The second Facebook status was made on March the 7th, whereby Kate advises she had taken her son to a Chiropractor – an individual so severely under-qualified to treat adults, allowing them to treat children should be considered neglect.

Not surprisingly, the Chiropractor misdiagnosed the injury. March the 10th, we see Kate pleading that the saga of her child’s injury is over, we are now 5 days in from the original status. March the 12th rolls around – 7 days after the injury. Kate, the person who has a long history of advising people how to get out of vital medical procedures, praising Chiropractors and telling parents not to trust doctors – has finally gone to the Emergency Room.

It just goes to show, when sh*t gets real, even the most hardened conspiracy theorist will use the science they demonise.

March 12th, her poor child finally gets treatment. A broken arm. How the f*ck do you miss something like that? The kid must have been in agony. Please don’t take that as sarcasm, I sincerely feel for the little boy. I’ve broken bones as a child and guess what? It damn well hurts.

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