7 Times 'Modern Alternative Mama' Was So Stupid She Was Dangerous

2. Beware The Mummy Blogger Bearing An Online Store

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It should be pretty clear by now that the moniker “Modern Alternative Mama” is misleading, Kate actively rejects anything modern and alternative is only a positive status symbol for those who take delight in engaging the in perverse counterculture of the science denial movement.

From a scientific standpoint, her posts are so ill-informed and incorrect they’re laughable. My favourite is her post regarding Bentonite clay toothpaste (which carries a warning for containing trace amounts of lead). This according to the post is still safe to use because it’s such a tiny amount of lead. Ironic coming from a person who thinks that 10 micrograms of formaldehyde in a vaccine makes it unacceptably dangerous. It seems the dose makes the poison only when it suits Kate.

We can all have a good laugh, but the reality is that Kate Tietje is dangerous. A self-important, egotistical, willfully ignorant level of dangerous. This is the woman who stated that it “wouldn't be so bad if I lost my daughter, as long as I never had to lose my son”. The original article where she wrote this was featured on Babble.com, the site has since removed the article. The same person who wrote the post: “Five Reasons Measles Is Better Than Autism”.

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