8 Mind Blowing Facts About The Human Race

1. The Human Explosion

The human race has gone from a handful of tribes on the brink of extinction, to the dominant species on the planet.

It took us a while as well. We spent millions of years living essentially wild. The invention of fire gave us a quick boost, and we lived for many thousands of years as disparate bands of hunter gatherers.

This really begin to kick off at the invention of agriculture, which allows us to produce such a massive surplus of food, that we can spare the time and labour to build settlements, towns, and eventually great cities. We then had the time to sit around and think about science, art, engineering and religion. We built empires, populations boomed.

Now, in just the last 5o years, the population has more than doubled. In the next two days, humanity will generate more data than was created between the dawn of civilisation and the year 2003.

Humanity is still set on this trajectory, potentially even taking our first steps towards becoming an interplanetary species and, given the rate we're going, who knows where we'll be in another million years.

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