8 Things You Do Every Day That Could Kill You

8. Drinking Alcohol

It's not exactly a state secret that drinking alcohol is bad for your health but, as someone who went to a British university, the lethal dose sounds disquietingly low. According to the CDC, around 88,000 Americans died from alcohol consumption between 2006 and 2012, many from outright alcohol poisoning. And what is the lethal dose? About 13 shots (45ml, 40% ABV) over a few hours. Now, that's obviously a lot of booze, and the dose varies from person to person depending on height, weight, gender, etc., but it also sounds like the kind of session that your mate Deano would recant after waking up on a bus shelter roof sans pantalon. At lethal levels, alcohol in the bloodstream will prevent normal bodily functions from, er, functioning. This includes things like breathing and cognitive function, leading to respiratory failure, coma and death.

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