8 Times Neil DeGrasse Tyson Ruined Your Favorite Films

1. The Martian

the martian matt damon
20th Century Fox

The Martian has been rightly applauded for its brilliant portrayal of science (although, rather gushily by a certain pop culture website) because it is, frankly, brilliant.

So, despite the easy shots he could have taken at the famously impossible dust storm at the beginning of the movie - as the Martian atmosphere is only about 1% the density of Earth's, meaning that a tornado-strength storm on the surface of Mars would feel like no more than a bracing breeze - Tyson chose instead to take the opportunity to deliver some snark to real-life politicians and NASA officials instead of the filmmakers themselves.

Ultimately, though, he had to fall in line with the general standpoint that scientists, even the ones who love to hate Hollywood, love this movie.

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