10 Absolute Worst Ways To Die According To Science

3. Burning


You know those "would you rather" questions? If somebody gives you the option of burning to death or freezing to death, choose freezing.

The human race has come up with a sickeningly vast array of methods to kill one another with fire, from the classic burnt-at-the-stake style to being roasted alive in the the Brazen Bull. There are then, of course, the people who die in fire by accident. Whilst each has its subtle differences, you can be sure has hellfire itself that none is exactly pleasant.

If you're lucky, then the toxic fumes from the fire will get you first, and in house fires, up to 75% of people die of carbon monoxide poisoning rather than burning. As much as this sounds like a mercy, it's often the reason people get caught in fires in the first place, as the toxic fumes will render you unresponsive before you can roll out of bed.

Where the cause of death is actually more of a flames-meet-skin affair, the results are pretty harrowing.

Imagine touching a hot plate on the oven, even if you snatch your hand away at top speed, it still fricking hurts. Now imagine that you can't snatch the hand away.

The immediate acute pain is felt as the flames get close to the skin, stimulating the nerves and beginning to cook the flesh, to begin with, this will actually boost the skin's pain sensitivity (sort of your body's way of trying to get you outta there). After a short while, the top layer of skin containing the most sensitive nerves will have burnt away, and a deeper, duller pain will set in. You'll probably stay concious long enough to smell your own body cooking.

Eventually, burn victims will die of blood and fluid loss causing the heart to stop.

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