10 Controversial Theories About The Universe's Toughest Questions

Articles on hidden nipples in video games? We got 'em! How about a complete breakdown of your entire molecular structure? Step right in.


Ever since the first humans developed true consciousness they began asking questions. Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Then, later, those questions became who are WE? Where did WE come from and why are WE here.

We like to think we live in a golden age of discovery, and in a way we do. The technology we have, the medical techniques our top scientists and surgeons have developed would have seemed like witchcraft or magic even as little as 100 years ago. Yet many of the biggest questions were asked thousands of years ago by ancient Greek philosophers, Arab scientists and other free-thinkers. Many of their answers hold just as true today as they did then, indeed, much of our recent discoveries have in fact been rediscoveries of lost knowledge. But modern science has indeed made many new and fascinating advances, some of which answer our oldest questions while still raising more.

We can accurately describe the world around us, explain the properties of matter and even manipulate the very atoms we are composed of. And yet, we only have a full understanding of around 5% of the known universe and 95% of what holds the galaxies in place is a complete mystery to us. Some of the things we will discuss are known fact, but that doesn€™'t make them any less controversial. Others are mere conjecture based on supposition and experience while yet more are more than likely complete hooey but fun to consider nonetheless.

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