13 Places We Might Go When We Die

12. Traditional Hell

This would be your classic Dante hell, all fire, torture and never-ending pain. It has all been depicted through literature and art, even a recent History Channel show, which revealed potential openings to hell found on Earth - ranging from underground caverns to sulfur spewing volcanoes. Religions have bet their churches on this being a viable option - what parent/teacher/priest has not threatened with - 'If you behave like that again, you'll go to hell! But if you're good, give lots of money to our religion, I guarantee you, our God will accept you into Heaven, otherwise, you'll become the Devil's pet to be abused and suffer for all eternity! Again, very generic; I think one would get so bored with the tears, anguish, and relentless suffering, that you would simply switch off and go meditate on something nice; prisoners of war have reported that during their time of solitary confinement/being tortured that they would send their mind into the sky and dream of peace. Besides, most people believe when you die, you leave your body and your soul/spirit moves on - traditional hell is very much, let's torture the flesh, which you don't have anymore!

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