8 Times Neil DeGrasse Tyson Ruined Your Favorite Films

7. Interstellar

Interstellar Ending
Warner Bros. Pictures/Paramount Pictures

Interstellar has been lauded for its meticulous scientific accuracy, and rightly so as it certainly goes in heavy on the physics.

But, surprise surprise, Tyson still managed to find something to pick at, and this time is was more to do with the logic of the movie's basic premise, rather than its interpretation of the laws of the universe.

Rather than going through the bother of pitching astronauts headfirst into black holes and relocating the human population, we could probably have found a livable habitat closer to home. Something like, I don't know, the Eden-like environment of the Cooper Station that, given we were able to construct such a hospitable habitat in space, we could probably have done it one Earth.

Plus, it would seem that even the most scientifically highbrow films can't help falling back on the odd action trope.


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