New Myspace: 9 Features Reviewed & In-Depth Analysis

new-myspace For the last several years, Myspace has fallen into a state of ridicule and abandonment. The once leader of social media platforms quickly fell to the feet of current giant, Facebook. Unable to innovate and keep up with Zuckerberg€™s website, Myspace attempted to change its direction, rebranding itself with a new logo and media focus. The result was a messy, unappealing, and unusable disaster. Falling further into irrelevancy, Myspace finally sold for $35 million in 2011 to Specific Media, which is owned by the three Vanderhook brothers. These entrepreneurs split the stake with Justin Timberlake and planned to €œevolve Myspace into the premiere digital destination for original shows, video content and music.€ Ditching the stylizations MySpace and My____ for the more mature, Myspace, the Nickelback of social networks is finalizing its changes to the service and has opened the €œnew Myspace€ to beta users by invitation. I quickly accepted my own and dove into the service€™s new features.

9. The User Interface (UI) clean. The new Myspace works like a sideways Pinterest. You can now find the content posted by your friends and favorite artists in your €œstream.€ At first look, it looks cluttered, but using the filters, you can pretty easily navigate content relevant to your interests (profile updates, photos, music, posts, etc.) The way you connect to content is new, too. You now have the ability to comment, connect, or share any post as long as its privacy level is set to public. The connect feature is actually one of the biggest and focal additions to the site. You€™ll find it everywhere in the UI, pictures, music, mixes (I€™ll get to that) and most importantly, profiles. It works like this, once a friend has joined the site, you can search for his name using the easily accessible and large fonted search function. Once on their profile, you can €œconnect€ to them using a button that looks like a Venn Diagram. Once you€™ve clicked it, the circle on the left will shade itself in. Once your friend connects from their end, the circle will meld into one shaded circle, representing completed connectivity. On photos, connecting seems to be the equivalent to the €œlike€ feature on Facebook. Connecting to mixes will add them to your mixes menu. Ah yes... click next to read about Mixes...
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