Uber Wants To Use Self-Driving Cars

Would you get in a self-driving Uber?

In a move that is as exciting as it is terrifying, Uber have decided that humans are simply getting in the way of their utopian dreams, and are looking to use self-driving cars in an attempt to cut costs, according to an auto industry source. Uber, the ride-share phenomenon that has seen its fair slice of controversy of late, is notable as a "taxi" company that doesn't actually own any cars, but it soon might not own any drivers either. It was leaked by Gawker in 2015 that the company had lost tens of millions of dollars, with those pesky human drivers being their biggest cost; what with their propensity to want to do things like "feed their families" or stop at the corner shop for some smokes mid-fare. Uber are believed to be eyeing up companies such as Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW that are looking to supply self-driving cars, with the view to make a large order. German magazine Manager Magazin reported that Uber have placed an order for at least 100,000 Mercedes S-Class cars, a model that is already making strides towards self-drive with its abilities to park, retain safe distance, and even emergency stop without the aid of a driver. BMW, another lot that are jumping on the self-driven bandwagon, have said that they are considering launching its own ride hailing service similar to Uber. Riding in a self-driving car could be a bit of an unnerving experience for the uninitiated, but anyone who has taken an Uber on a Saturday night has probably done their fair share of nervous-passenger-braking anyway. Demonstrating a breathtaking level of foresight, the 1968 United Nations Convention on Road Traffic states that a person must be in control of a vehicle, not a computer, but now that we live in the future, legislation is likely to be passed for self-driving cars if they will help cut congestion and pollution. Would you keep your cool in a self-driving Uber? Let us know in the comments.
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