What Happens When We Die?

10. Near Drowning


User Usagii_YO describes their experience with a childhood drowning:

"8 years old, drowns at a local YMCA pool. Over in the deep end unsupervised. Suddenly "awaken" on the side of the pool only then to see two lifeguards pulling my body out of the pool. CPR didn't work. 5 minutes later "I" get put on a stretcher and wheeled off in the ambulance. The gravity of the situation or realization made me "stuck" where "I" was while my physical body was headed to the hospital and probably the morgue. As that realization of death sunk in, this intense sensation of a warm motherly presence started to materilze. Had no idea who she was, she just insisted to stay calm and there's nothing to worry about. She made me count backwards from 5. At 1 I "wake up" in the ambulance. It's worth noting that me "waking up" was the sensation of being shot through a cannon from the pool where I drowned to down to street into the ambulance."

Other Redditors have commented theorising that the "counting back from five" could well have been the paramedics counting chest compressions or even a defibrillator count. 

The "warm, motherly presence" is another common trope, one study showing that 69% of those interviewed report a feeling of "overwhelming love" (perhaps most likely to be translated as motherly love in an 8-year-old) during an NDE and many actually report a feeling of disappointment on returning to their body in the "real world".

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