10 Craziest Boxing Press Conferences

Cheap shots, low blows and Batman!


Unless you've been living under a rock, the chances are you'll be aware of a little boxing event that takes place on the 26 August that see one of the best boxers of all time - Floyd Mayweather - take on UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor. In preparation for this momentous occasion, the two superstars of combat sports embarked on a four-day press tour where they took the opportunity to engage in some heavy, profanity-laden verbal sparring.

While the tour didn't fail to entertain - bringing a few gasps from the more prudish among us - the face-to-face moments between Mayweather and McGregor were actually quite tame. Yes, the two recited venomous insults at each other without stopping to wipe the spit off their face, but neither man threw a punch, shoved or - aside from the Irishman giving Floyd a playful pat on the head - laid hands on each other at all.

The WWE style promos did their job to hype the fight, but the lack of anything physical between the two proved most disappointing.

It isn't always so sedate, though. Sometimes, the antagonism outside the ring is far more interesting, not to mention volatile, than what goes down once the gloves are on. So it was with the following boxing press events - all of which put Mayweather vs. McGregor to shame.

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