10 Greatest World Cup Underdog Stories

Will we see any underdogs going the distance this summer?

Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport

Part of the fun of any big sporting event is rooting for the underdog. We all know who the big teams and the favourites are, but it can be so satisfying to see an overlooked or underestimated side come out of nowhere and surprise everyone.

Going into this summer’s World Cup, everyone knows that a team like Brazil or Germany or Spain is probably going to walk away with the trophy, but many fans are eager to see if any of the underdog teams like Iceland, Egypt, Peru, or Panama could spring some surprises along the way.

Nobody wants to watch games where the favourites win every single time. There’s something intangibly exciting about seeing a low-rated team beat the odds and enjoy a fairy tale run, especially in a competition like the World Cup.

Football fans have seen plenty of great underdog stories over the years. Many teams went into past tournaments as total minnows, with fans and analysts alike doubting they’d pick up a single point, but those teams showed a lot of heart and a lot of talent to shock the world and carve their names into World Cup history.


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