10 Players Who Rejected Real Madrid

If these has materialised, El Clásico would have had a whole different look to it.

© DPI/NurPhoto/Corbis

Being one of the most successful clubs on the planet and with an alumni that reads like a who's-who of world football, it seems ludicrous that anyone would want to turn away an opportunity to don the famous white shirt of Real Madrid.

But still, it does happen. In spite of the huge global fanbase, countless millions, and assurances of glory, Los Blancos have been known to have players simply decline their offers. For some it's the right decision, but for others it's a wasted opportunity that their careers never quite recovered from.

For all the noise of transfer silly-season, and the annual will-they-won't-theys surrounding the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid's public pursuits of their next big stars have sometimes ended in a far more private disappointment. After all, clubs love to whip up excitement at who they're going to sign, but are less boastful about who's turned them down.

Their squads of past and present have featured some of the biggest names in the game, but their nearly men make for even more compelling reading.


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