20 Most Controversial Premier League Players Ever

Every pantomime needs a villain.

The Premier League is often portrayed as a place where noble gladiators clash, each striving to do their best for their teams and potentially transforming themselves into legends in the process. Many players are heroes to millions around the world for their weekend exploits, and enjoy such fame and stature it can be hard to forget that they are just as human as the rest of us. Seemingly every season, the league is rocked by at least one scandal involving the abhorrent behaviour of at least one high profile player. Misdemeanours range from the violent to the sexual; incidents include career-ending tackles, anti-Semitic hand gestures, shameless drug abuse, and assaults upon fans. As much as fans and media outlets pretend to be outraged by the behaviour of the league's most controversial players, there is a clear undercurrent of glee and excitement whenever such an incident crops up in the public eye. Football fans love a narrative, and every good story features a compelling villain. In celebration of everything that is wrong with the game, here's a look at the twenty most controversial figures ever to set foot on a Premier League pitch.
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