5 Key Races That All Motorsport Fans Should Consider Going To See

There are so many motor races that are exciting and good to watch all over the world, but there are…

Richard Cadman



There are so many motor races that are exciting and good to watch all over the world, but there are always some races that are considered to be much bigger and better than all the others. This article will feature which 5 major motor races that all racing fans should go to see and experience for themselves.

Now obviously there are many other big races that are equal in excitement and entertainment, for example the Bathurst 12 hours in Australia, the Indycar Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach in the USA or the Nurburgring 24 hour race in Germany, but these 5 races always tend to stand out every year  to all global motor racing fanatics – the Daytona 24 Hours race (USA), the Monaco Grand Prix (Monaco), the Indycar Indianapolis 500 (USA), the British Grand Prix (United Kingdom) and of course the famous Le Mans 24 Hours race (France).

These races have been running for many many years, which is partly why the racing fans love going to these races every year, going to see some good quality racing and also soaking up the atmosphere whatever the weather come qualifying or the race. So here’s why these 5 races are considered to be the best races in the world.


5. Le Mans 24 Hour (France)

le mans 24 hour

The legendary Le Mans 24 Hour race held at the Circuit de la Sarthe in Southern France has been going now for 90 years. It started in May 1923 and has witnessed many triumphant race wins and also witnessed awful life ending/threatening and spectacular crashes too. Considered to be one of the 3 jewels in the motor racing crown along with 2 other races, and is also undoubtedly the last word in any sort of endurance racing. It is also very popular with all motorsport fans of all nationalities, which creates a great atmosphere for everybody to gather in large crowds taking pictures of the cars and drivers that are competing, getting signed autographs from their favourite drivers, standing or sitting in groups beside the track with a barbecue or a few sandwiches watching the cars go past on the track or maybe checking out the fairground attractions and the famous ferris wheel.

This race is definitely not short on entertainment and excitement – always a perfect opportunity for some of the fans to get a few pics of the formation finishes or even spectacular crashes, just like the nasty looking crash in the image above from the 2011 race when Scottish driver Allan Mcnish collided with a Ferrari and his diesel-powered Audi went flying over a fence pretty much destroying most of his car at about 180mph, fortunately he got out of his car unscathed  and was waving to the crowd – certainly a pic to remember for the fans taking photos who were watching the race from the side of the track. Expect more of the same entertainment and excitement come 22-23 June 2013 when Audi and Toyota battle for the top honours, and also when Porsche make their long awaited return to compete in the top class alongside Toyota and Audi in 2014, now that is definitely worth being at the Le Mans circuit for!