6 Reasons Why Pro Athletes Are Not Overpaid

1. They Earn It, They Really Do

Of course there are plenty of overpaid athletes, just as there are plenty of overpaid people in any profession. We all know of countless examples of a player signing a huge contract extension, only to struggle to find his form when the new season starts. We also know of a plenty of bankers taking enormous bonuses whilst our economy sank. The point is, there is income inequality and unfairness to be found throughout the free market, but it remains a free market. Which brings me to my final point, meritocracy. How many people advance their careers simply by who they know? How many company directors or law firm partners or division presidents or even leaders of nations are where they are because they had the right connections or the right last name or both? €œIt€™s not what you know, it€™s who you know€ is a cliché because it€™s true. It€™s here that professional sport stands apart. In sports, you're either good enough or you€™re not, and it really doesn€™t matter who your father is. Sports may just be the last true meritocracy left and if the monetary rewards run into the millions, all the better.

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